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Welcome to this portal of resources, providing you with an amazing selection of services and tools for healing and consciousness expansion on your path to Self Realization and Ascension. These services and tools form an Ascension Toolkit which you will have with you always. Through my role as an Ascension Energy Anchor and through my Healing and Channeling sessions, Workshops, Initiations and Teachings, and through my book, Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness, I invite you to use these tools and participate in the grounding of higher energies of consciousness (your Higher Self) for yourself, humanity and Mother Earth. Sign up for my newsletter and receive FREE A First Introduction to Integrating Crystals and Gemstones into your Life for Healing, Transformation and Ascension. I am here to be of service, so do reach out!

Blessings, Love and Light to You ~Alison a/k/a Al Ra Harati

HEART TO HEART Channeling & Healing Sessions

Schedule your own private channeling and healing session with Master Merlin. Merlin and I are One; I work closely with him, holding Merlinian energies, working with, inter alia, the Universal Merlinian Council of Light. His wisdom, loving presence, energies and kind guidance are a blessing. Be prepared with your questions and to receive an infusion of energies as well.

NOW Available at Amazon.com! MERLIN AND THE NEW CAMELOT The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness

by Alison L. James

“In 2013, my spiritual quest was enriched with the timeless book of MERLIN and THE NEW CAMELOT.  Embracing The Divine Plan for Humanity, this tapestry includes an extraordinary book, an enchanting CD and a hard-copy purchase heartfelt channel from gifted author Alison L. James.  Unleashing the depths of legendary wisdom this ocean of consciousness collection inspires my aspiration to self-mastery and reverence for Mother Earth. I am grateful for the treasures of the sacred mysteries, symbols, affirmations, meditations and the expansion keys to open my heart.  It truly is a magical experience of truth and beyond love that has renewed my faith in the future of our shared new world.” ~ With Gratitude, SDC, CA.

To purchase your copy, visit amazon.com. To download your copy of the accompanying music, guided meditation and narrated introduction, visit Shop.

“Alison James is like a Merlin devotee … coming from England with a great connection to Glastonbury, she speaks and has the accent too. Her insights to the life of Merlin and his lineage are well researched and the teachings enlightening. Her own knowledge of healing modalities like the Rising Star and crystals is a sign of interest in all things magical.  Opening this book is like seeing behind Merlin’s blue star and planet printed robe.” ~ Derek O’Neill, Teacher, Author, and Motivational Speaker


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    It is my pleasure to be of service to you and to share all of the wisdom and spiritual teachings I have been exposed to in my life. Reach out to me, contact me here.


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