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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You!  May your cup be filled to overflowing with Peace, Love and Joy. 

The Merlin portrait you see here, painted by Karen Goldsmith, is courtesy of SQ-Worldwide and is available for sale.  Follow the link on my Shopping Page to purchase your own magical copy.

As always, click on the main categories in the grey “spaceship swoop” above to find an introduction to the pages in that category.  Be sure to read the channeled messages from Master Merlin and other high consciousness Beings as well as Mystic Crystal Revelations.

So much love, healing and wisdom is available to you through my workshops and other events.  By signing up for my monthly newsletter, “Mission Earth Updates,”  you will receive information and other news.  One-on-one appointments with me for healings and channelings are available evenings and weekends.

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