When we use the term “Ascension”, we may immediately connect to the ascension of Jesus the Christ, his transcendence of the physical realm and his return to ‘my Father who art in heaven’. He came in person 2,000 years ago, and now the cosmic energies of Christ Consciousness within our hearts may realign us with our Higher Self. I believe this is the ultimate destiny of us all. The process of Ascension then is the raising of one’s spiritual vibration beyond the senses and limitations of the human form to embrace our I AM Presence; it is through love that this will be achieved. Without Love nothing is. We are returning to a way of being that exists within our consciousness, Unconditional Love. Join me in workshops and other gatherings where this can become a greater reality for you too.

As we become filled with more love and light, we can share this energy with everyone we meet by opening our hearts. In my role as Ascension Energy Anchor, I call upon energies both within and without my form so that I may “anchor” them here on the planet at different sacred places, energetic portals or wherever I am led. The physical form acts as a conduit and anchors energy into the Earth. In contrast, when we use the term ‘to ground’, we are referring to our own energies held within our form that we connect to Mother Earth yet still retain. Thus, it is by our ‘bringing down’ of energies that will assist our ‘ascension’. The more we align ourselves with, anchor and ground Divine Love with Mother Earth, we are being of service to the Light. By holding a higher vibration of love in our being and being present in our physical bodies, we can aspire to ascend! This has not been achieved by humanity before – except for highly evolved spiritual beings.

We can think of the energies that we hold and anchor as providing fertile ground for all that is to come through us individually and collectively in our lives.  The love that we experience in our hearts nurtures the seeds of who we truly are and what we desire to create in our lives.  The natural Law of Expansion will cause the seeds of desire in your heart to be birthed when you set your intention from a place of love. 


You can see the magnificent Rays of the Universe captured in the Northern Lights of the Aurora Borealis. Rays of energies stream down to our world constantly.

The Rays of of varying frequencies and hue are reaching us at an accelerated rate at this time to assist with the Ascension process: Magenta, Violet, Scarlet, Crystalline Orange, Blue, Green-Violet, Peach-Apricot, Gold, Opalescent White and Platinum to name but a few. We may call upon these energies for our own expansion and healing process. The Ascended Masters assist us in this process.


In October 2008, I visited Mount Shasta – shown below with her peaks, and perhaps a light ship, veiled by lenticular clouds.

We climbed the trail to Panther Meadow where we were blessed to have experiences with other realms. Once in the meadow, we anchored and grounded energies in an Earth Healing Ceremony and sent our messages of peace and love to other vortexes, power centers and people around the world.


The Mahatma Energies of the Divine Feminine are available to us at this time to bring about an enlightenment of the heart in which the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are brought into re-union within your subtle and physical bodies. The Awakening of the Heart necessitates the descent of the Soul, one’s I AM Presence or Christ Consciousness represented by the Higher Chakras, into both the heart chakra and the physical heart so that you can be totally present in your physical form. We may call upon the Mahatma Energies to experience the transformation into the 12th Dimensional Golden Consciousness, the 12 Co-Creator Rays, the 12 Chakras and the 12 DNA spirals. This will assist you to birth the 5th Dimensional consciousness of Unconditional Love and discover the Love and Joy of the Creator/Creatrix within.