Merlin’s New Year Message 2017
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Hello Beloveds, In the grand scheme of things life is fleeting. Feel free to be you and enjoy who you are and all that you are doing. It’s good to laugh at adversity, no horseing around on that one. Consistency of purpose, direction and application yields results hoped and worked for in a lifetime, but anRead more…

Merlin on Your Creative Power
April 15, 2014 by | in Master Merlin Speaks

Beloveds, How often have you heard it said, “As above, so below”? And yet have you truly believed that your petition to the Universe will bring fulfillment to your command? This phrase is not just a tenet to live by. Creation is a living, breathing “word” and “logos” that is forever pulsing to move fromRead more…

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The Stone of Resurrection, The Stone of Abundance and Prosperity and The Stone of Divine Love for the Heart. Emeralds have long been admired and treasured around the world, by the pharaohic Egyptians, and by the Mayan and Inkan peoples. While mined in India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia, Colombian specimens are also held inRead more…

Birthing the New Age
October 4, 2013 by | in Master Merlin Speaks

Open wide the doors and fling open the shutters. Let the new Light into your heart, your mind and your life. Let the fresh breezes of infused light scatter the cobwebs of your life so that you may perceive of and walk into a new life, full of potential and new possibilities. Cast aside fearsRead more…

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  “The sky’s the limit”, this is the voice of Celestite, this magniificent baby-blue crystal that connects us to the angelic realms. Place this heavenly presence of Celestite on your shoulders, on your third eye or on your heart, or hold it to receive its calming presence into your energy field. A small piece mayRead more…

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Herderite is a very high energy crystal for the New Consciousness. It is shown here in gold but is also found in white and green. The smallest piece packs a powerful punch of energy. Its alignment with the energy of Aries becomes immediately apparent when you come into its presence. When you hold Herderite inRead more…

Preseli Bluestones
January 7, 2013 by | in Mystic Crystal Revelations

Preseli Bluestones

All stones have a weight, a density and an energy field that one can tune into when you pick them up and the Bluestones of the Preseli Mountains in Wales, England,  speak. When I hold the hand-sized chunks that I am fortunate to have in my possession, my immediate impression is that they are ancient. Read more…

Merlin’s Message for 2013
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ATTEND MERLIN AND ALISON’S CONFERENCE: “Directives for 2013 and Beyond” April 27, 2013. See Calendar of Events   MERLIN’S MESSAGE FOR 2013 AND BEYOND Beloveds, Congratulations! This is your destiny and this is your time. This is the fulfillment of many, many lifetimes spent on Planet Earth for you to become and be who youRead more…

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Zincite (Zinc oxide) is for Creativity.  Its manifested energies of creativity, formed mostly of zinc, are usually colored red, orange, yellow or green. They empower you to rise up, to be joyful, to feel inspired and to manifest what is in your heart. Zincite is a small yet powerful co-creator to have in your toolkit. FairlyRead more…

Imagination is Creation
October 17, 2012 by | in Master Merlin Speaks

Beloveds, There is so much to enjoy in life, so much to do and so many things to choose from.  At no other time in Earth’s history has it been so expedient for you to step into the truth that you are and do what you do. The fulfillment of your dreams contributes to theRead more…