The Longing of the Heart Telesummit 5/11/2017
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  Here is a link to my interview with Betsy Shands, Host and Founder of the Longing of the Heart Telesummit. We discuss Merlin and The New Camelot and the new world we are creating, as well as the importance of working on the Self and embodying our evolving expansion of consciousness. Also included is aRead more…

Being Alone
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Living and being alone is not a death sentence, nor a punishment, it is a choice and an opportunity. In terms of time actually spent alone, being alone provides an opportunity for you to find yourself, learn to like yourself, do what you need to do, and devote yourself to your chosen path. Whether short-Read more…

The Magic of Movement
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Hello Beloveds, As the saying goes, it’s the journey not the destination that matters. Life is not static on Earth nor in the Universe. The growth and evolution of mankind and matter are perpetually in motion. What may be perceived as perfection in any given moment is eclipsed in a wink. As your heart beats,Read more…

New Article! The Thawing of Humanity
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  Attacks of terrorism may be on the rise, but so too is the inner awakening of the heart of humanity on a global scale. The densification of negative thoughtforms that have burdened our world since the “fall” of humanity cannot now supersede the expansion of human consciousness that is well underway. We are discoveringRead more…

Soul Mates and Twin Flames
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James Robinson of Get Real Radio at Voice America interviews Rev. Alison L. James Visit: here. Listen to hear about the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames and how to find yours!

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You’re invited to join ChurchoftheCreator.com If you have ever considered becoming an Ordained Minister with credentials to assist humanity, yourself, your practice and the planet (“the Whole”), you may join ChurchoftheCreator.org as a member to the level you are comfortable. You are required to sign the Sacred Mandate which states in clear simple format thatRead more…

Listen to Alison speak with Starr Fuentes
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Listen to Alison James and Starr Fuentes speak on Starr’s Starr Gazing Radio Show (9/25/13). Click on the arrow below to play: Highlights include: insights on Merlin, Camelot and Alison’s book, Merlin and The New Camelot, what it is like working with an Ascended Master, how to channel and the use of crystals. Master HealerRead more…

Merlin’s Message for 2013
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ATTEND MERLIN AND ALISON’S CONFERENCE: “Directives for 2013 and Beyond” April 27, 2013. See Calendar of Events   MERLIN’S MESSAGE FOR 2013 AND BEYOND Beloveds, Congratulations! This is your destiny and this is your time. This is the fulfillment of many, many lifetimes spent on Planet Earth for you to become and be who youRead more…

Live Interview of Alison James
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It’s here! My Interview with Al Leone at The Bridge of Truth. Enjoy! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3CWPprBAio

Time for Transition
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GoldenAgeofLight.com is getting a face-lift! This is to make her more user-friendly, efficient and to encompass new and expanded services becoming available to you.  Please allow for a period of changeover and updates as they come forth. I am happy to say that the changes and upgrades here are an outward reflection of what is happening withinRead more…