Merlin: Chaos or Cosmos?
Posted on November 13, 2018 | in Master Merlin Speaks

  Beloveds, There is Order in Chaos. To think otherwise is to believe in the downward spiral of all souls in the Universe. Out of the darkness, from the void of form and from behind the veil of No-Time, there is an outcome and an answer to your dilemmas. Your world and expanding process ofRead more…

Fluorite, for Mind, Body and Spirit & Fluorite Octahedrons.
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  Fluorite, so named because of its fluorescent quality under UV light, is another valuable gemstone for your toolkit. Its geometric and wavy inclusions help to dispel mind fog, doubt and indecision. It helps to bring structure where there is none, to see your way out of any personal chaos that is sabotaging your lifeRead more…

Goddess Sekhmet Speaks
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  Beloveds, You may feel my paw rest upon your knee or an enlivening sense of courage in your heart, but there is no separation between us; only thinking it makes it so. If you are ready to expand your awareness and walk down new avenues of experience, we are here to assist you andRead more…


Guidance and Wisdom from Other Dimensions

This is your opportunity to speak with Master Merlin, other Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Guides and other Beings of Light in a “One-on-One” channeling session through me, Alison James.  As a “conscious channel” I allow Spirit to speak through me and bring energies through me. In a Heart-to-Heart session, you may receive wisdom and guidance on all aspects of your life as well as receive healing energies. Merlin has a way of connecting to you in a very loving and supportive way to bring you to your next level. You may choose:

When our hearts and minds are open, Spirit is able to penetrate us on deeper levels of being.

How long have you been waiting to ask about questions for yourself and your life?  Contact me now so we can get started! $150/hour or $75/half hour

My heart is ever at your service.” ~ Shakespeare, Timon of Athens

Crystal Skull Activations

When you experience a personal channeling with me and my amazing Crystal Skulls, Portal of Venus or the Telosian Skull, be open to receive the energies and consciousness of other realms…read more.


Channeling is a FANTASTIC GIFT from the Creator! In ancient Lemuria and in the Garden of Eden our communication with Spirit (or God) was direct. Over millions of years, our “fall”, our densification into matter and the development of our lower chakras diminished our communication abilities with Spirit. Many indigenous tribes on the planet today maintain these connections, such as the Aborigines with the practice of ‘the Dreaming’ and many shamans around the world. Everyone can learn to channel. It requires that you work to clear your energies and open up your higher chakras to receive what Spirit has to convey to you.

It was because of my desire to connect to Master Merlin, the Ascended Masters and Angels, that I pursued this ability on daily basis and with a tenacity! As I describe in my Twin Flame Reunification workshop, communicating with the consciousness of an ascended being draws you closer and closer to Spirit and ultimately to your Higher Self. Channeling can bring about a tremendous expansion within your own being. This process is greatly facilitated by crystals and enhanced by the use of a pendulum. Crystalline energies bring about an amplification of the energies reaching you that carry the words, sounds, images and consciousness of the being who is communicating with you. There is often a tremendous energetic impartation to the channeler and the recipient during a channeling session.

As a “conscious” channel it is necessary to still the mind in order to receive and transmit what is being communicated in a clear way, without “tainting” the message. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

Do contact me if you have an interest in learning more about channeling and would like to learn about my methods, including how to use a pendulum and crystals.