Imagination is Creation


There is so much to enjoy in life, so much to do and so many things to choose from.  At no other time in Earth’s history has it been so expedient for you to step into the truth that you are and do what you do. The fulfillment of your dreams contributes to the whole. Never give up on your dreams–come what may! There is so much waiting for you around the corner. You may not be able to see what lies ahead, but your visioning and imagination will guide you. Use your imagination, for


So imagine the very best for yourself. Dream big! Create it in your inner experience so that it may be mirrored back to you. Imagine yourself there, in the end picture, already having achieved your dream. You will experience this through your inner messengers, your senses, which are: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Allow any one or a combination of these systems to help you get a real sense of this dream being real.

Your dreams arise from your subconscious, providing the information that you store deep within. Sleeping permits your subconscious (or unconscious mind) to do its work unimpeded. Your dreams can reveal much to help you on your way to fulfill your destiny, for your dreams are all about you!

~ Merlin and Alison as One

October 17, 2012 by

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