Beautiful, rich, green Emeralds are prized as much for their luminous color as their rarity.  Emeralds are great heart healers and soothers and are connected to Venus, Mother Earth’s loving sister planet.  Associated with the Universal Green Ray of Abundance, Healing and Prosperity, Emeralds convey to the holder a great sense of well-being and peace.  Worn by priests and royalty in Earth’s recorded history, Emeralds speak to us of purity and loyalty, and they hold a very high vibration.  Cleopatra’s mines near the Red Sea produced the earliest known emeralds, although the highest quality is not found there.  Their premier source today is the Muzo Mine in Colombia, South America, but they may also be found in India, the Russian Ural Mountains, Austria, Africa, Australia, Norway and some parts of the United States.   The Conquistadors from Spain coveted the Emeralds worn by the Aztecs and discovered the mines at Somondoco, Colombia, meaning “god of the Green stones” (now known as Chivor).

Emeralds are part of the beryl family of minerals that has variations of color: clear (goshenite), blue (aquamarine) yellow (heliodor), pink (morganite), violet, blue and pale green.  Chromium gives the Emerald is lush green coloration.  They cleanse negative energies and emotional upsets of the heart.  Like the Green Ray they emanate, they also stimulate inner growth and memory.  They are a great tool to meditate with and to find inner sanctuary from the outward pressures of life.  And, of course, they are magnificent to wear albeit costly to own in faceted form.  Nonetheless, they are a wonderful crystalline friend for lightworkers.

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