Serpentine helps you remain calm through the twists and turns of life.  By soothing your heart with its green coloration, it helps you to raise your head off the ground and see where you need to go, and go there with ease.  No need to panic or hurry.  Move at your own pace, fully grounded and focused.  So named after the markings found on this crystal, serpentine, when used in meditation will help you find your own inner wisdom, so  you do not fall prey to the outer trappings of life or dramas that surround you.  Stealth and steady progress is the name of the game.  It helps to soothe the outer edges of irascibility and moodiness.  It gives you a backbone of courage.

Found in an array of green colors, serpentine often carries splashes of purple stichtite, and then may be called Atlantisite.  It helps you access the ancient and timeless wisdom which is everpresent now.  It helps you shed the old fears while you step into the new you.  It is powerful and gentle at the same time, like the feminine energy that bathes the heart and encourages you to step forward in love.   It is a stone to assist kundalini awakening and its energies help with the energy alignment in the spine.

Serpentine also connects you to the etheric realms where nature spirits may be contacted to assist you with your personal evolution.  On a physical level, serpentine helps to heal skin ailments and gives a sense of general wellbeing and strength.  It is an enlivening gift of Mother Nature and a messenger of peace … ssssssssssssssss.

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