Unconditional Love Transmissions
for Healing and Expansion of Heart and Mind

In these Playshops, Alison takes you on a spiritual journey to discover your inner and outer world in Time and No Time. In her mission as Ascension Energy Anchor, Alison calls upon Divine Rays from Source assisted by the Ascended Masters and other Galactic and Universal Ambassadors of Light. As you bathe in Unconditional Love, you are invited to expand your awareness beyond the Earthly realm.

Each Playshop features a themed spiritual teaching, a meditation and an exploration of our cosmic connections. Alison shares insights into our spiritual heritage that span civilizations, continents, the Earth plane and beyond. In the music- and sound-assisted meditations you are invited to travel in Time and No Time (both guided and unguided) to visit locations on Earth as well as other destinations within the Cosmos. From the dynamic energy of the assembled group, meditations of Love and Peace are directed with the group intention. You are invited to come and share the joy and wonder of, for example:

. . .to name a few.

Your presence and participation in The Divine Playshops assists our shared effort of humanity to embrace Unconditional Love at this important time of transition. By receiving and grounding these Divine Rays of Love, you are assisting not only your own Divine presence, but also that of the assembled group and collectively the energies of mass consciousness. The resultant effects of your openness and receptivity to Love and Light reach far beyond linear thinking and assist Mother Earth at this time of her Ascension.


Rediscover and activate your Lemurian Blueprint in this workshop with Alison James. Re-attune your energies and awareness to the Divine Love and Wisdom that is your birthright from Source. Accelerate your inner transformation and the return to your crystalline essence, your I AM presence, during this important time of Mother Earth’s Ascension…read more