Chakra and Aura Clearing: Balancing and Charging

During a healing session with me under the sacred guidance of the Masters and Angels, the energies of your energetic being may be cleared and balanced. When we hold negative energies in our energy field, whether in our thoughts, emotions and/or physical being, these energies can interfere with our inner harmony and balance. By clearing such negative energies we remove the repeated patterns and heaviness of seeing life through clouded filters. By clearing the aura and chakra system we may hold greater amounts of love and light and this helps us to function more clearly and to contribute in a more positive way to mass consciousness.


Throughout our lives we encounter many individuals who impact us intellectually, physically and emotionally. Sometimes, we allow ourselves to become so entangled emotionally that we enable energetic cording to occur. These cords may linger for years and leave one wondering why a pull or awareness is felt towards a certain individual. As we expand in our spiritual awareness, these connections may surface and need to be severed, thus freeing our personal boundaries from all unwanted influences. If you are having this experience, it may be time for a cord removal session.

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing

ARCH is an Ancient Healing modality from Hawaii dedicated to bring the recipient into Oneness with the Divine Source (Ke Akua) and to create love, bliss and conscious healing. ARCH is the rainbow bridge back to the Oneness of all things. ARCH and Hawaiian mysticism share the same “Source”. The prominent Hawaiian Kupuna (Elders) have received blessings from the Ancestors in Spirit and have handed down the ancient teachings to Laurie Keako’a’ Grant (based in Honolulu, Hawaii) to perpetuate the Mana (life force energy) of the old into the new.

ARCH is the full color spectrum of Rainbow Light and encompasses all of the rays. It has the ability to heal instantaneously and it resonates at such a high frequency that it can make people go into altered states and even levitate.

ARCH can:

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