A Day to Experience the Skulls


“Pancho” and “Portal of Venus”
A Meeting of the Masculine and the Feminine!

You are invited to spend a day of healing and expansion facilitated by Mario Bojorquez, the Guardian of ‘Pancho’, and Alison James, the Guardian of ‘Portal of Venus!

Mario will present Pancho and share his personal journey.  He will lead a Pyramid Meditation in which you will have the opportunity to have your own personal journey with Pancho.  www.PanchoCrystalSkull.com

Alison will present ‘Portal of Venus’ and share the wisdom of “Maya Consciousness and the Crystal Skull”, followed by a Channeling with Master Merlin and the Dolphins, and a Dolphin Meditation.

Bring your Crystals and Skulls for charging.

EXCHANGE: $40.00
REGISTER: AlignmentCenter@nullgmail.com

The Alignment Center, 120 West 28th Street, NYC (6th/7th Avenues)