Engaging the Extra Terrestrials 12:21


This is a workshop channeled to Anthony Citro to connect with the Light and Unconditional Love of the many Extra Terrestrial Beings and Energies streaming to the Planet in preparation for her Ascension and ours!  On December 21, 2009, the Winter Solstice, through an interconnecting portal, we have the opportunity to dissolve and diminish the hold of duality on our collective consciousness.  Come and connect with these beings, including Ascended Masters Ashtar and Adama as they interface with us on the etheric and soul levels.  We will anchor the energies of Telos here, , strengthening Mother earth in the shedding of her “etheric crust” so that we can more safely transition and so that Telos, the city of the ancient Lemurians, may Emerge on the surface of Mother Earth.  Odessa, the immense Mother Ship of Ashtar, will over light us and anchor the crystalline grid around the planet.  This will activate all of our energies, and that of Mother Earth.

Rose Quartz Telosian Skull

Special Channeling of messages from Adama by Alison James via the vehicle of the Telosian Skull.

To Register: AscensionLightSource@nulllive.com
Exchange: $22:00