Merlin and the NEW Camelot! (Ireland)


Place: Prema Agni Creacon Lodge, Ireland

Come enjoy the timeless wisdom of Ascended Master Merlin as we expand our understanding of ‘Camelot Then’ and the ‘Camelot of the Golden Age’ we are bringing forth NOW. In this workshop Alison James will speak on the principles of truth demonstrated by Merlin and how you may apply them for your own healing, expansion and Self-Realization. This workshop will explore:

• Master Merlin’s Life and Prophecies
• The meaning and symbolism of the Age of Camelot
• The Link between Camelot and the Cosmos
• Principles of Personal Alchemy in this time of Ascension
• Our collective birthing of the Aquarian Age on Earth – the New Camelot!

There will be Channelings, Teachings, a Guided Meditation, Energy Clearing and Activation to prepare our hearts and consciousness for the birthing of our New World — and a sprinkling of magic as well!