Merlin and The New Camelot


An Evening of Alchemy with Master Merlin

Author, Channel, Healing Facilitator and Ascension Energy Anchor, Alison L. James, introduces highlights and the essence of her newly-published book Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness. Come enjoy this experiential workshop for inner transformation through meditations, music and live channelings of Master Merlin and Amerissis, the Goddess of Light and Lady of the Lake. BRING ONE QUESTION. Cleanse, heal and energize with these Masters of Light on your path towards Self Mastery. Discover the magic of your own Inner Wizard, balance masculine and feminine energies within, and more.

Exchange: $39. Register:
Bring your copy of the book for signing (order at:
The META Center, 214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor, NYC.