The Divine Workshops: A Cosmic Playshop


The Meta Center, 219 West 29th St., NYC

A monthly workshop to raise your Vibration for the New Golden Age. This is a time of realignment with Source and our Higher Self in Time and No Time. Move beyond 3rd and 4th Dimensional consciousness and embrace Unconditional Love. Included are:

A Teaching on Self-Realization and Universal/Multi-Dimensional Awareness
A Meditation for Physical and Metaphysical Awareness
Cosmic Connections and Alignment (Teachings & Energy Work)
Live Channeling of the Ascended Masters (by grace, Metatron, Merlin, Isis, Athena, Lord Mary of Buddha, Lady Kwan Yin, Djwhal Kuhl)
Earthly Connections of Time and Place (e.g. Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu & Egypt)
Cosmic Journeying (Guided Meditation)

On 12/3 we will attune to the energies of EGYPT, THE GOLDEN CITIES and the ORIONS