The End from the Beginning



You are invited to join Anthony Citro and Alison James for an evening with Master Merlin.


Beloved Ascended Master Merlin is an incredible Being of Light whose Presence and Energies are unfathomable, and immensely loving – yet His Grace and Light are available to all, at any time! His Teachings and His Magic are grounded in the maxim “see the end from the beginning”. Here, he will overlight our gathering, leading us on a journey of growth and expansion – in our personal mission, our life, or any area of interest where manifestation is in need of a boost. With a profound mixture of joy and intensive application, Merlin’s etheric signature will work with us directly, in real time, via music and guided visualization during this event, to impart the secret of seeing the “end from the beginning”, thus stimulating our capacity for “wizardry” and creation from a place of empowerment and Unconditional Love.  

Merlin’s accessibility and charm throughout all areas of the planet, peoples and cultures bespeaks a High Level of Cosmic Love and Light that is sorely needed at this time. His purpose in the Grand Scheme of Things is only even now just beginning to be understood.  Receiving “en-lightenment” in any form from him will go a long way towards building confidence in your innate abilities and talents, supporting the unfolding of your journey. 

Please join spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro as he facilitates this important workshop. Guest channel Alison James, author of the newly minted book Merlin and the New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness will be present to bring forth a channeled word from Merlin. This will be the first opportunity to purchase a first edition of her book (with CD) for signing. Light refreshments will be served.

Love Exchange: $33.00
Location: META Center, 214 West 29th St., 16th Floor, NYC