Church of the Creator, Ashland, Oregon.

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If you have ever considered becoming an Ordained Minister with credentials to assist humanity, yourself, your practice and the planet (“the Whole”), you may join as a member to the level you are comfortable. You are required to sign the Sacred Mandate which states in clear simple format that you when you join COTC in Principle and Witness, you are agreeing to support the Family of Mankind in All Aspects of the Whole through a Unified Body of Ministers and Church. In other words, you are working within a collective Oneness. We decree DIVINE RIGHT ORDER® in all Thoughts and Things through the Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek and the Body of Jesus Christ. The Body of COTC Ministers, including myself, are presently and collectively participating in a 40 Day/40 Night Trinitized Light Infusion for the purpose of creating a synergism of combined spiritual evolvement for the COTC GROUP COLLECTIVE (which benefits the individual as well). I have been greatly blessed with insights, energetic infusion and unforeseen abundance. You must be a signed member to participate in the 40 Day/40 Night Infusion. There are infinite levels in God and there is always more for us to discover. Visit COTC’s Ecclesia Magna Charta to read more about this organization, its founding, structure and purpose. Membership is a choice. Frequently asked questions.

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