New Article! The Thawing of Humanity



Attacks of terrorism may be on the rise, but so too is the inner awakening of the heart of humanity on a global scale. The densification of negative thoughtforms that have burdened our world since the “fall” of humanity cannot now supersede the expansion of human consciousness that is well underway. We are discovering that our individual thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions matter far more than we previously understood and are affecting our genetic coding rather than being limited by it.

Humanity’s spiritual evolution is at hand. Our individual vibrations contribute invisibly to the energy of mass consciousness that exists in an omnipresent manner around the globe. Within the mass consciousness of humanity and the Universe are to be found the highest God-qualities such as Love, Peace, Truth, Liberty, Mercy, Compassion and the Brotherhood of Man, as well as the lower energies and concepts that still persist and give us our lessons in life. It is always a matter of choice as to how we decide to live our lives and contribute to the whole of humanity.

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