Activate the Lemurian Blueprint

dolphin-closeupBefore Atlantis, at the early descent of man from the stars into form, we lived in a brilliant light of harmony and balance, where Divine Love was our modus vivendi. In Lemuria we maintained our connection to Source and lived a beautiful existence from the heart, a Golden Age, where our connectedness enabled a “utopian” way of living. It is to this energy of Universal and Unconditional Love we are returning, to The New Camelot for planet Earth.

Rediscover and activate your Lemurian Blueprint in this workshop with Alison James. Re-attune your energies and awareness to the Divine Love and Wisdom that is your birthright from Source. Accelerate your inner transformation and the return to your crystalline essence, your I AM presence, during this important time of Mother Earth’s Ascension. Capture these Lemurian energies within and shift to this higher frequency of being as you redefine your life purpose, your perspective and understanding of Self. Sri Sathya Sai Baba said repeatedly that “the present age will be replaced by a New World. The New Age will not countenance any individual with a polluted or warped mentality. Those remaining on Earth, their cells will be vibrating with Earth’s high pitch of frequency.”