Golden Sheen Black Obsidian

Golden Sheen Black Obsidian emerges from the movement and inner transformation of Mother Earth.   As she releases magma in volcanic eruptions, the magma cools forming volcanic glass in its wake.  When held to the light, it can be seen that Obsidian allows the light to penetrate, yet miraculously its essence is from deep within her fiery, crystalline core.  While Obsidian may be formed in many different colors, Golden Sheen Black Obsidian speaks to  the inner essence of the Mother, giving birth to new and bright creations.  Out of the darkness springs light.

Golden Sheen Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is like a truth serum.  Some would advise to keep it covered under a cloth of black velvet, but I like to keep mine clearly visible and available, a constant reminder to walk and talk one’s truth in integrity.  It is extremely beneficial to hold it while looking within at oneself.

The Golden Sheen rings of pyrite appear like the rings encircling a planet, showing us that there is a golden energy in the darkness.  Therein lies this crystal’s use for scrying and divination, particularly in the form of a highly-polished, flat Obsidian mirror in the moonlight.  Black Obsidian also helps one to be grounded and to expand one’s psychic ability.  Be gentle with it, however, for it will shatter if dropped.

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