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Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine
Posted on September 27, 2018 | in Alison's Commentary

                Hello Everyone, For over 2,000 years we have witnessed that most positions of authority have been held by men, unless you were of noble birth. While this may still hold true today, this glass ceiling is gradually being shattered on a global scale and women are risingRead more…

Goddess Sekhmet’s Message:
Posted on | in Messages of Light

                                    Beloveds, You may feel my paw rest upon your knee or an enlivening sense of courage in your heart, but there is no separation between us; only thinking it makes it so. If you are ready toRead more…

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Workshop
Posted on | in Events

Saturday, September 8, 6:30-9:30pm Oceans of Calm Healing Center 549 Route 17 (Duck Cedar Plaza) Tuxedo Park, NY 10987 Activating The COSMIC CODES Part 2: Balancing The Divine Feminine & Masculine With Divine Channels & Spiritual Teachers Alison James & Ray Rolando In this Second Workshop in our Series, Activating the Cosmic Codes, Alison L.Read more…

Reminder: The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Workshop
Posted on | in Alison's Commentary

                      Hello Everyone, Like a Guardian Sphinx, this amazing image captures the otherworldly aspect of our spirit being like a lion gazing out to the heavens with poise and grace, love and perhaps anticipation. These are but some of the qualities we may experience inRead more…

Lion’s Gate: Surrender to Self
Posted on | in Alison's Commentary

                    Hello Everyone, On this auspicious annual event, portals of energy are opened up to us. Are the energies roaring at you because of your resistance or do you feel the impetus and nudge to be more of yourself, to get the job done, to finishRead more…

Message from Goddess Sekhmet
Posted on | in Messages of Light

                                    I invite you to visit with me, Sekhmet, as you open up to the Divine that is you and to the DIvine Feminine that is a part of you. Whether your form is masculine or feminine, yourRead more…

Posted on | in Mystic Crystal Revelations

                      A perfect crystal for standing in the truth of self, in oneness with the energies of the universe, is Astrophyllite. It helps you to blossom, to come out of your shell and to live the life of the truth of who you really are, from theRead more…

Sacred Geometry and Sacredness at Chiswick House, London
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The grace and symmetry of Sacred Geometry and Sacredness greet you at every turn at Chiswick House. This grand example of architecture was built in the 18th century by Lord Burlington, inspired by the designs of Andrea Palladio and English-born Inigo Jones whose presences have been immortalized in stone statues here. The eternal juxtaposition ofRead more…

Alison’s Latest Article: Sacred Geometry and Sacredness at Chiswick House, London, U.K.
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                This new article is being featured in the July issue of Chiswick Magazine, after July 15th. Visit:

Merlin on Magnificence
Posted on | in Master Merlin Speaks

              Beloveds, Life on Earth provides ample opportunities for you to become the fullness of who you really are. The veil over humanity that you would like to escape keeps you learning without hindrance from the past. Mother Earth, in all her bounty, is supporting your evolution as she herselfRead more…