For Healing & Ascension

You will discover here some amazing healing modalities for Body, Mind and Spirit, including the very pure and powerful healing systems from SQ Wellness – the Rising Star™ and Prema Birthing™ – as well as Crystal Therapy Energy Work and Crystal Skull Activations. Follow the links below to find out more about each one.

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As we allow ourselves to release lower energies that no longer serve us, we can recreate a way of being that has not existed on Mother Earth since the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis. As a healing facilitator, I assist you to allow a much healing as you can. This can occur directly during a healing session or concurrently during a Channeling Session. Thoughts and Love are both energies and may be imparted when you are open to receive them in ways you may not have imagined before. It is all available to you NOW!

Public SpeakingWedding Officiation
Through my teachings and speaking engagements I seek to raise awareness of spiritual matters...
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As an ordained minister, I offer custom services to officiate your special ceremony.
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Heart to Heart ChannelingCrystal Therapies
This is your opportunity to speak with Master Merlin, other Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Guides and other Beings of Light in a “One-on-One” channeling session.
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Experience healing using the vibration of crystal singing bowls, Crystal Skull activations, or on the body crystal and gemstone grids.
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SQ Wellness Healing SystemsPrema Agni Healing Symbol
SQ Wellness’ healing modalities come from ancient lineages and are very pure, high-vibrational systems. These healing systems are some of the highest on the planet now.
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This precious and ancient symbol comes to us directly from the Masters, and opens the heart for Love to flow in and out. It can be drawn on anyone, by any one for healing.
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Energy BodyworkAscension Energy Anchoring
In these sessions, under the sacred guidance of the Masters and Angels, the energies of your energetic being may be cleared and balanced.
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By the ‘bringing down’ of energies that will assist your ‘ascension’, you align yourself with, anchor and ground Divine Love with Mother Earth, being of service to the Light.
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NLP Therapy
Imagine having the most effective beliefs for personal learning, growth and ethical behavior. Find out more about the benefits of Neural Linguistic Programming.
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The Ascension Toolkit?

The Ascension Toolkit offerings can assist your growth and expansion. Each element is fully explained here at Golden Age of Light. read more.