April Showers of Blessings


Sai Ram,

We are greatly blessed, no matter what the media would have us think. There is a magical momentum of growth and change at this time of year. As my beloved teacher, Derek O’Neill on his U.S. tour said, this is a time to expand, not to contract. Spring does not say ‘I’ll wait till next year to bloom’; rather it knows when it is time to move. Evolution may be a tricky business, but, whatever the prevailing conditions, the Law of Expansion comes into effect. Now is the time to let go of limited thinking and ALLOW ABUNDANCE IN! We are Co-Creators with the Creator and we may move forward in our work, our creativity and in our lives if we choose. The gifts of the Universe are available for all of us, not a select few. Go with the Universal flow.

Spring is a marvellous time to feel the encouragement of the growth and beauty of Mother Nature. It is important to know with complete certainty that you are loved and supported in your process of growth and change. There is nothing on Earth that is not subject to change, including yourselves. As Mother Earth undergoes her own transition, you are evolving with her, holding energies of an increasing frequency. You are expanding in consciousness and in Love and this is your Mission. As lightworkers you are being asked to share your heart with others. A smile, even a brief encounter, may impact in ways you know not of. Allow and accept your journey to Unconditional Love: Each One Reach One.


It is not important to know where you are heading every minute of the day. Sometimes it is important to simply move with the ebb and flow of the Universe in unforeseen ways. Some may be challenged by financial situations at this time, but I want to tell you that this is a momentary hiccough in the bigger picture. It’s time to realign with Source; for some to close one door and open another. However you feel led, know that all is in Divine Order. It is all perfect and for a purpose. Trust that the Abundance of the Universe is lapping at your feet and all it requires of you is to scoop up what you need to move forward. Allow fear to dissolve, and breathe in your Divine birthright: the Unconditional Love and Abundance of the Universe.


Last week there were reports of an undersea volcanic eruption off the Tonga Coast in the Pacific Ocean. In 2008 there were at least thirteen major eruptions around the Pacific Rim in the Galapagos Islands, Southern Chile, Ecuador, Anchorage/Alaska, Central Japan, including Anak Krakatau, (Child of Krakatau). This Ring of Fire marks where the Golden Age of Lemuria once flourished on a land mass surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It was a time when beings of high vibrational energies walked on Earth: i.e. you. There was no central government, there was self-governance within communities whose wise leaders held the light for the highest good of all. We lived in mutual love and respect. We were connected to Source, the Elementals and to the Dolphins. The ways of Peace permeated our lives and Earth’s consciousness. It was a Golden Age upon Earth and it is towards the next Golden Age we are evolving now.


Pigs in factory farms are castrated, have hunks of flesh cut from their ears and bits of their teeth cut off with wire cutters, and their tails chopped off – ALL without painkillers. Sometimes the stalls in which they are stacked are barely larger than their bodies where excrement builds from the ground level up. Some go insane from not being able to turn around their entire lives. Each year 420,000 arrive for slaughter, without even being stunned, where they drown in scalding-hot water tanks intended to soften their skin and remove their hair. Please make your voice and donations count to stop these atrocities at www.PETA.org. Thank you.




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