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moncler jackets outlet Copy and pasting my response from the last time this showed up.i 25. i live in nyc and i work at a non profit. i rather not say my salary, but i make more than enough to live comfortably. it also not tech money, but it more than a lot of people my moncler uk outlet age.i live with a roommate and have relatively low living expenses outside of rent. i don have any student loans but i pay all of my own bills. i eat and go out more than i should.i buy a lot of clothes. most of it is relatively high end. i currently on a freeze to make up for going a little crazy during november and december. i shop sales and buy a good amount of secondhand, but it still adds up to a lot of money. i also do a good amount uk moncler outlet of selling, a lot of it i don even take moncler usa a loss on.i could definitely be more fiscally responsible, though. i could save more but i feel like i doing enough, so i rather just have fun with everyone else has said, i buy expensive stuff because i really like it. i like spending hours searching for just the right thing, talking about it, saving for it, or just impulsively pulling the trigger. i don have a problem with high prices because i get so much enjoyment out of just my favorite hobby. i get more enjoyment out of that than i do out of, say, going on vacation. People see you and first notice your face (clean shaven, beard, neat, dirty etc), then they notice the outfit/suit (clean, well fitted, too large, too small, stylish, outdated etc), then your shoes (don forget to let your individuality shine with your shoes, and gents, for the love of god learn how to shine a pair of shoes. You should be able to fix your hair in the shine of your shoes), and last but not least, after talking for a few minutes, you sit down and cross a leg, and there they are. For all cheap moncler sale the world to behold your rising pant leg reveals a glorious pair of socks. Are the patterned? Are the muted? cheap moncler jackets mens Are they bright and playful? Are the all of moncler sale outlet the above? Who knows, they are a perfect way to tell the world what type of mood you are in. moncler outlet woodbury You need to wear the navy suit today no matter moncler sale online what, but damnit if I moncler outlet prices don feel on top of the world I going to rock some hot pink argyle My wife gives me a hard time about my socks. I not as deep in as you, but I around 100 pairs of unique and interesting socks, and then a bunch of just the basic white exercise, working in the yard socks. Law school is great if you know for sure you want to be a lawyer, can imagine doing anything else, go to school part time while working, and have a scholarship. It isn for everyone and I know too many unhappy people who did it because it seemed like a good idea as a default. Many people would rather do other things but are trapped by their student loans and moncler outlet golden handcuffs because they didn ask the kind of questions you asking now.If you talking about working doing REAL quantitative analytics at a bank, a masters in finance won help best moncler jackets you too cheap moncler jackets much. in mathematics, physics, computer science, or computer engineering to even get in the door. Going into finance straight up pretty much requires a top MBA to get into, and that after 2 3 years at a name brand business. IMHO Its overrated anyway. With the hours moncler online store you working, the quality moncler womens jackets of life, the high stress, and the amount of stuff you sacrificing as a guy with a finance degree, you could do many other things. If you a finance guy as opposed to one of the super nerds (my girlfriend of 3 years is a physicist turned quantitative analyst so I say it with love), the juice isn worth the squeeze.That said, analytics is much bigger than Wall Street and that where the cool stuff plays out. Data science, computer aided pattern matching, data storage, business intelligence, and algorithmic programing is the way of the future in just about every business discipline. Seriously look into some programs in moncler outlet store data science, statistics, or data mining before you look at law school. Also try to get some familiarity with programing using R and Python, SAS, SAP, and Tableau.Right now, I in sort of a weird job in that I do discount moncler jackets the legal and policy side of information security consulting. More and more of the tools cheap moncler jackets womens our non legal guys are using involves statistical modeling, data mining, and working with large data sets to identify issues. There is just so much information being created these days that moncler outlet sale you need the analytics background to make any sense of it at all.This is already moving into the legal field and its going to explode in the next 10 years or so. Lawyers already have some tools to do things like discovery but the amount of new data that is coming out now is just unimaginable. moncler sale Its already a uk moncler sale huge part of my compliance work. Doubly so with the cool stuff like fraud investigation, anti money laundering, financial crimes, and showing executive misconduct.You can make an absolute killing moncler outlet online financially, but to me personally money comes in a distant second place to feeling fulfilled when I get home at night. Currently trying to figure out how and where to get to that in a different industry.I live at home with my parents so the only bills I pay are my car insurance and phone bill, which allows me to spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothing without completely breaking the bank. Being a shift at Starbucks earns me a decent amount of money for my age, so while I am spending a ton on clothes, I do have a decent amount of savings going. Currently starting to cut back on my spending though as I have cheap moncler coats mens spent a ton in these past few weeks. I want to build up my savings account more and limit myself a lot to how much I keep in my checking account when I get my paychecks (going to try and keep it at 80% to savings and the rest in my checking). That said I would pay full retail on custom tailored/bespoke goods as they are the only garments that are actually worth the price paid. Anything mass produced has been marked up at least 500% from cost of goods and manufacture, and I wager on a great many things in this forum they are marked up closer to 1000%.BTW I started my college career as an electrical engineering student at VPI. Heck even my company is paying an upcharge on raw materials by the time we get it off the boat. You are still not paying anywhere near the upcharge of regular retail goods, that product goes through 4 hands before you see it on the floor, and each of those hands doubles the price of their cost. The more popular a brand the more that price increase goes up with each pair of hands moncler jackets outlet.

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