Daisy Chains: Making the Link

Hello Everyone,

June arrives, flowers are blossoming all around and our minds travel to holidays, travel and relaxation. Summer marks the coming to fruition of seeds we have sown earlier in the year. With it comes an acceptance that life on Earth is cyclical and now we may choose to sit back a little and “smell the roses” so to speak. I remember rose petals strewn along our driveway in England when I was a little girl. The roses’ heavy heads would bow over and let go, a beautiful demonstration of how to trust in the flow of life. There is a great inner strength and peace to be gained with such trust. It is knowing the connectedness of all life and that we can breathe in and out in unison with Nature and the Universe. I recall making daisy chains when I was a child, joining them together. Our realization of the Divine within is the link and connectedness to the Universe we seek. It’s that simple: we are all One. There is nothing that is not of God. Allowing this in feels very centering and comforting and it allows us to trust in our process and just BE. June is a wonderful time to be still and to meditate, and to realize and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It’s all a gift. Whatever our challenges, it’s all in Divine Order.


Abundance is all around you. Summer is a sign that the Universe is evolving at a pace that supports your journey and well-being. We the Ascended Masters watch you breathe in the Summer breezes. Allow them to clear out the cobwebs, and bring a newness of being. Take time for yourselves. Know the truth of who you are. You have been working hard to change and establish new things in your lives. Allow it in now. Trust and accept everything in your lives. Many turn to Love at this time, looking to realize a symbiotic relationship with the world. In an attitude of openness and acceptance new relationships of all kinds can flourish. Release fears and worries now. They no longer serve you. You can step out in confidence, knowing the Universe is supporting your intention, what you desire to manifest. Take the lid off, so to speak, and discover the wonders hidden inside your own Pandora’s Box.

GO TELL IT TO THE MOUNTAIN- Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia

The Mountains of Appalachia are disappearing. 470 summits across the region have been reduced to rubble. Lush valleys have been converted to landfills, obliterating wildlife habitat and burying once-clear mountain streams, Some 380,000 acres of forest have been lost with another 500,000 expected to disappear by 2012 caused by the search for coal. Burning coal in the United States contributes more than two billion tons of climate-warming carbon dioxide to the Earth’s atmosphere each year. Please support the movement to save the Cumberland Plateau, a region with more than 4,000 native species found nowhere else on the planet. Take action at: NoMoreMountaintopRemoval.org.


The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has a program to support the ponies working in impoverished areas of Cambodia. They may have to travel 15 miles on a daily basis to get fresh grass.. A mobile veterinary clinic is now giving hope and care to the ponies where previously there was none. Visit wspa.org.


The culling of pigs in Egypt, however, continues in a horrendous way. The pigs are driven out in hordes to the desert and buried alive in quicklime and other chemicals or are being kicked, and burned alive. Please speak out against these atrocities at wspa.org.

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