For example, Ryan (1995) discusses how she used diaries with

Troup, Moscow; Eric L. Tschantz, Tunkhannock; Keri L. Tucker, Scranton; Amber L. For example, Ryan (1995) discusses how she used diaries with her trainee teachers to encourage them to think more clearly about their more and less successful practice and how their less successful practice might be improved. This, then, offers a crude typology of assisted and autonomous reflection on professional identity and practice that might be seen as parallel to a similar classification of approaches to life history studies. Enriched interviews form part of the former category..

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replica oakley sunglasses The first week she was surprisingly good, then last week, she wasn’t. But she’s got a strong voting base. Her mother’s probably email blasting millions of Tea Partiers and saying, “vote for my daughter!” And that’s probably why she’s still there. By ERICA WERNERWASHINGTON (AP) After eight years of denouncing President Barack Obama as a big government activist, congressional Republicans suddenly appear eager to welcome a big government activist to the White House.This time, of course replica oakley sunglasses, he one of their own.Many Republicans applauded when President elect Donald Trump intervened to help keep appliance manufacturer Carrier jobs in Indiana, a deal that cost state taxpayers about $7 million in tax breaks and grants. When the Obama administration got involved on behalf of the auto industry and individual companies, Republicans were quick to brand it “crony capitalism” and the government “picking winners and losers.”Republicans are sounding receptive to Trump plan for a massive $1 trillion infrastructure bill, after years criticizing Obama smaller $787 billion stimulus package that the administration pushed through Congress with little GOP support in 2009 to try to pull the country out of a financial catastrophe.Even Trump recent threat to levy 35 percent tariffs to discourage companies from relocating overseas has met with mostly muted opposition on Capitol Hill, though the idea flies in the face of the GOP traditional support for free trade.”It consistent with our goal to make American businesses and American products more competitive in the global economy,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, R Wis., insisted Tuesday about the tariff idea, even while suggesting Congress was unlikely to act on it. “We believe the best way to achieve that goal is through comprehensive tax reform.”Ever since Trump surprise win last month on a platform full of populist ideas that run counter to Republican orthodoxy, the question for Republican leaders in Congress has been whether they will follow his lead on such proposals, or whether more traditional GOP policies will prevail.Some Republicans insist that a false choice, arguing that Trump and congressional Republicans agree more than they disagree, such as on their plans to repeal and replace Obama health care law replica oakley sunglasses.

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