He married Sarah Irons, daughter of James Irons and Martha

Ryan gave matched Mr. And Mrs. Dews and a security camera picture that captured the couple confirmed it was them, state police said. James and Deborah are proved to be children by the deed found in deed book y pp 578/79, Monmouth Co., NJ. This deed shows that James and Deborah were entitled to 3/5 of the land as heirs and that James had quit claimed his part to Deborah and her husband John Mathis in a deed dated 13 day of the twelfth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninty nine. These deeds definately prove the relationship of James and Deborah, the other daughters are not so positive and those researching these members are encouraged to more carefully check the records.He was born circa 1725 at Burlington, New Jersey.John (The Elder) Grant was the son of John Grant.He married Sarah Irons, daughter of James Irons and Martha Burdsal, on 3 November 1750 at Monmouth County, New Jersey.1John died circa 1790 at Dover, New Jersey.Children of John (The Elder) Grant and Sarah Irons:James Grant+ b.

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