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hermes replica More than that, he had a swagger and bounce that were sadly lacking in many of his teammates.He showed that at halftime.As the Huskies were leaving the floor down by two, White sprinted ahead of his teammates, then turned and waited to greet each one as they walked to the locker room.The troubling question for UConn is this: Should a team with NCAA Tournament aspirations need to rely on a player who has been a regular for eight games for this kind of leadership? The troubling answer is that the Huskies may not have a choice.After the loss, the Huskies’ more experienced players calmly sifted through the wreckage and their dissections were characteristically analytical.There was praise for the coolheaded Friars, who have won four of five since coach Tim Welsh juggled the starting lineup. There was also consternation about the Huskies’ inability to execute at significant moments in the game.We made a push several times and they kept their composure throughout, and sometimes we would come down and make a bonehead play and Replica Hermes Birkin they would come down and make a good play,” Ben Gordon said. Every time we got close, we threw the ball away or did something foolish.”And there was talk about the turnovers.We weren’t tough mentally,” Tony Robertson said. hermes replica

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