A Fresh Start for 2009

Make use of time, let not advantage slip! – William Shakespeare

Greetings Friends,

We have leapt in consciousness and faith to arrive at a new place … in God! NOW! There is no better place to be, for in Spirit there is no comparison, no judgment, no looking outside of self for answers. All answers lie within. New ideas and aspirations are the order of the day; they lead to new challenges, hope and new opportunities. What is it you’ve been dreaming about, or putting off? You have the ability to make many new choices, to push the delete button for what no longer serves you and dare to try something new, something you have wanted to do or be. As above, so below. Everything begins as a thought, an energy, a consciousness. Create that which lies dormant within you. Allow yourself to receive the joy, satisfaction and peace that is within.


If you think doing this is work, then work it is! If you put your heart into it, however, the
J-O-B becomes the J-E-W-E-L, the sparkle that is you. Allow the magic of your own creativity to flow outward. New beginnings can be implemented from making realistic choices, loving rational choices, where the idea in the mind is run through the heart. Imagine how it will F – E – E – L when you complete that project you been thinking about. Let the E-MOTION move you. The Universe awaits your command. Activate the Law of Manifestation, one step at a time.


It is curious how as humans we often take an animal’s name “in vain”. We have often identified an animal’s nature for our own but have often failed to see their unconditional love and support for mankind. We use the terms, for example “dog”, “for the birds” and other less salubrious terms in a detrimental manner. In spiritual circles we use the term “Monkey Mind” to describe how we may jump from subject to subject in our mind. But how do we know what goes on in a monkey’s mind? Is that a fair description, I ask? Monkeys are very social animals, the closest species to mankind scientists tell us.

Scientists of the U.S. Air Force, since the 50’s have been using chimpanzees to test the effects of space travel on humans. Chimps have been spun in giant centrifuge machines until losing consciousness, they have been injected with diseases and given to biomedical research, confined in small cages their entire lives separated from family, killed in car crash testing and more horror stories. A wonderful lady, Dr. Carole Noon is devoting her life and resources to rehabilitating the abused chimps on twelve small islands she has developed near Fort Pierce in Florida. One by one she is rescuing them from tortuous surroundings to spend their last days in a green environment. Can you help? Visit: www.savethechimps/org/give_donate.asp.

We need more trees to clean the air, for wildlife and to conserve energy. Find out how you can support forestation and tree programs on our planet at www.arborday.org. Thank you.


It is very important as you step onto new roads of life, that you look in all directions. Awareness of what is behind you can help avert danger. But the goal is always to come forward, looking all around but keeping your eye on the prize. A few steps forward on a regular basis will keep you moving on your path. It’s the journey, not the destination that counts in the end. If you make a wrong turn, there’s always another way to be found. This is the time now to start moving out to where you feel your gifts and talents will be best utilized for yourselves and the planet. There is no more time for fear or doubt, just go now. You’re being buoyed and supported in amazing ways, all for the asking. We the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms are ready to assist your journey, but we will not interfere with your free will. We will not “step in” or intervene without your permission. May the road rise up to meet you.

Your Obedient Servant, Merlin

As always, I am available to assist you, however Spirit will direct.

Blessings, Love and Light.

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