Like, when is she going to get her period? What bra should she

I wasn in the valley that day, so maybe you know better, but the link I posted says:3rd FA Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden 10/2005each led about half the pitches, and every pitch was followed freeGreat Roof 5.13c, led by Rodden, on her second try that dayChanging Corners 5.14a, led by Caldwell, on his third try that day4 days on the free push:started at midnight, climbed 20 pitches to Camp 4, where they hid from the sun, using some stashed bivvy gearGreat Roof to Camp 6Caldwell led Changing Corners pitch, Rodden restedRodden followed Changing Corners pitch, on her second try. Then free to top out at around noon.Maybe I misreading that and she really did lead it. Here a link to a Climbing article circa 2005.None of this is to say she couldn have done all the pitches on lead.

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