May Ribbons of Love

Happy May Everyone!

In pagan tradition, the maypole was raised on the first day in May and local villagers worked together to decorate it. Internationally the maypole still represents fertility and a gathering place to celebrate the coming of May, community and youthfulness. As the dancers move in unison weaving colorful ribbons around the maypole, similarly our individual dreams and wishes become intertwined within the tapestry of our collective consciousness. Our individual mindset, intentions and efforts mean so much in the big picture.

On April 22, at the Annual World Peace Earth Day celebration at which I spoke, the heart energy in the room was palpable. It was a wonderful sharing of love and caring for Mother Earth and it was so inspiring to hear what individuals and organizations are doing to improve our lives, to establish a consciousness of Peace and to help Mother Earth. There were musical presentations and singing. “Love is the Answer” was one song, which was, of course, the perfect segue for me to quote Derek O’Neill, “So what is the question?”

The MAHATMA I, II and III Initiations in April were amazing!. These workshops were to bring about enlightenment of the heart, a balancing of the masculine and feminine and the descent of the soul and Christ Consciousness (the higher chakras) into the heart chakra and physical heart. We worked with the 12th dimensional golden consciousness, the 12 co-creator rays, the 12 chakra system and the 12 DNA spirals. We worked with the 13th through 17th dimensional crystal rays, including the Rainbow Ray, the Platinum Ray and the Violet Opalescent Ray, creating our fifth dimensional liquid crystal light bodies. Lord Kuthumi and four twin flame Ascended Masters, the Divine Feminine, and many other beings of light assisted us.

I invite you to join me on May 20 as I am offering once again the Twin Flame Reunification Workshop. This workshop focuses on Divine Love, the journey to discover Self and to attract our Divine Complement. It’s All One. We will discuss Soul Mates and Twin Flames and it will culminate in a group Meditation calling upon the Emerald Ray and Twin Flame Energies. I will channel Master Merlin and Master Kuthumi, as Spirit directs!


Days of yore, days gone before,

Today is what you’re living for,

Be true to what lies in your heart,

Let love and wisdom play their part.

It is a wonder, is it not, to see the flowers blossom, to share in the beauty of life pushing through, to be undaunted by the challenges? For the challenges keep you strong and focused. That is the miracle of life. All that you experience brings you to be that beautiful flower. And every individual that sees that flower admires its beauty and its scent and may be inspired to create something of beauty too. You are the radiant light on the hill. Disregard what the doom-mongers would have you believe. You are so loved and supported. Your color and flavor is part of the grand scheme of things and has such an impact on the whole. The magician’s magic is the transformation of Self, from one level of being to another. Enjoy the transformation and the journey in the NOW for it moves so quickly. Savor every moment without judgment. Embrace all life’s lessons as if they are like a flower that has been picked and given to you as an offering. You are all so blessed to be upon Mother Earth at this time and to have this opportunity to impact Her journey of evolution within the Universe. You are greatly assisted in this process at all times, come what may. Remember that YOU are the magic: BE.

Your Obedient Servant,

Master Merlin



Did you know that many farms pluck down feathers from live geese that causes extreme pain and suffering. This may occur four times in their lifetime before they are slaughtered. As it is difficult to determine if down is sourced from inhumane factories, the only humane solution for compassionate consumers is to avoid down products completely. Some Alternatives products are, inter alia, Thinsulate, Polarguard, fiberfill and qualofill. Take action and support WSPA (World Socitey for the Protection of Animals) at

Beginning during this month of May, let us witness in our own hearts the end of suffering and send the vibration of Love, Joy and Peace everywhere. Please send your prayers and intentions for Love to find place in hearts around the globe to effect a quiet revolution of Peace and Non-Violence.

Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Enjoy your Mother’s Day celebrations on May 10.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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