She would know Chloe as well having been at Blackwell when she

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Prada Bags We don know what Max was like that week, she has probably been through hell and these people want to support her.Warren and Kate are Max friends so they would naturally go for support to make sure she OK, Warren doesn have to be there for some hidden agenda.Dana probably isn just there for Trevor but Max as well, from their relationship in episode 2 you can gather that they regularly talk and that Dana probably looks after her. She would know Chloe as well having been at Blackwell when she was.Victoria is different as she wasn on good terms with Max at that point, she may have felt somewhat to blame with Nathan being her best friend and she never saw how much trouble he was in. It hard to say if she was Prada Outle there for Max as the events of Max week never happened but I think she would be if needed Prada Bags.

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