Some characters are better at this than others

The subculture in question is most often presented as one cheap stereotype after another. They aren’t just average people with non mainstream interests. Rather, they are total creeps with no social skills unrelated to their subculture, which dominates every aspect of their lives. For example, if it’s sexual, they’ll wear fetish gear to the supermarket and make inappropriate come ons to the main character. If it’s gamers (video or tabletop), they’ll play to the point of addiction, live with their parents well into their 30’s, possibly imitate the violence they commit in the game, and are probably virgins. If it’s NeoPagans, they’ll wear ridiculous Goth or New Age clothing and talk about casting spells and “cursing” people they don’t like. To real people within these subcultures, the misconceptions and poor research on these shows can be either a source of Snark Bait or a Fandom Berserk Button.

When Duvalier asks Set how he dealt with people who attacked him, particularly bullies when he was younger, he replies that he simply puts up a barrier around them until they feel stupid and give up. Amplifier Artifact: The orbs, as in the previous game. Back from the Dead: Luca has this ability, though it’s explained that there are number of limitations. Firstly, she apparently can’t do it without Duvaliernote This is because Duvalier is the only one who can “mold” the soul charge to actually “fit” the recipient; Luca can provide the energy, but she can’t revive a mind she doesn’t know, justifying We Cannot Go on Without You. She also needs an intact body and a “soul charge” (whatever those are). Back Stab: As with the second game, hitting someone from behind results in massive damage. Some characters are better at this than others. Bald of Awesome: Griffin. Bonus Boss: D’Kah, to an extent. Though he is fought as part of the main storyline, he is incredibly tough and will almost certainly curb stomp your forces. You’re encouraged to just run away from him. Arguably Hellion as well, who is significantly tougher than other sidequest bosses. Boss in Mook Clothing: Greater Ghosts. They are completely immune to physical attacks, have a boatload of health, and they use devastating area effect attacks. Loyalist Captains and Avengers are also quite tough. The Captains can deal tremendous damage to large portions of your team, and the Avengers can return the damage you deal to them with Feedback, requiring you to press to offensive to have any hope of defeating them. Casanova Wannabe: Despite Rajav’s claims that he is a legendary lover, his attempts to woo Luca are absolutely terrible. It is possible, however, that the time spent in the labyrinth simply caused his skills to become rusty.

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