Sounds like you had what it takes to be an excellent manager

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replica celine phantom bag SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMichelle Farrigan, director of transit services, said the work will be completed in phases so that service can continue at the downtown terminal. (Casey Stranges/CBC)The Greater Sudbury Downtown Transit Terminal will soon have a fresh, new look.Renovations for the terminal started on Monday and are expected to continue until the end of November, with both interior and exterior work being completed.Michelle Ferrigan, director of transit services for the City of Greater Sudbury, said the renovations are all part of a larger effort to revamp the city’s transit system.”We’re looking at operations and we’re looking at this building,” she said. “This is the main terminal for our passengers, and we need to make it a very comfortable and inviting environment.”There haven’t been any major renovations to the downtown terminal since it officially opened on May 12, 1997.Interior and exterior renovations to be done in phasesFerrigan said the renovations will be completed in phases so that services will not be interrupted, and passengers and pedestrians will still be able to access parts of the terminal.During the first phase of construction, which runs until August 9, buses that stop at Platform 1 on the Paris Street side of the terminal will now stop at Platform 2.Pedestrian access from Elm Street will also be closed until the end of the month, with temporary access available from an existing path near the LCBO and Tim Hortons.Sudbury’s transportation master plan ready for public feedbackSudbury reviews $750 K transportation wish listNew asphalt and curbs, improved outdoor lighting and refinished bus shelters, benches and railings are all in the works replica celine phantom bag.

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