The number of people identifying Indigenous languages as their

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Fake Handbags Replica Bags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIndigenous language skills are being lost in purere plica bag Saskatoon, despite the efforts of educators in the province and the emphasis placed on language preservation by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.Data released Wednesday by Statistics Canada from the latest census, gathered in 2016, shows the number of people in Saskatchewan who identify an Indigenous language as their mother tongue dropped from 30,895 in 2011 to 28,340.Highlights of Statistics Canada’s latest 2016 census releaseTagalog speakers on the rise in Manitoba, across Prairies: Replica Handbags censusIndigenous languages on rise, French declining across region: census”What should have been done was to document it and develop some curriculum to teach it in elementary school. This was not done when it was the time to do it, in the 1980s,” said Vincent Collette, a professor of Indigenous languages in the linguistics department at First Replica Designer Handbags Nations University in Regina.The number of Saskatoon households where residents speak primarily Indigenous languages at home dropped by five, from 350 to 345 in 2016.In Regina, though, there are five more households Fake Designer Bags where Indigenous languages are the primary form of communication. The number of people identifying Indigenous languages as their mother tongue rose from 370 in 2011 to 460.Indigenous languages professor Vincent Collette believes some Indigenous languages are already lost. Fake Handbags

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