The number of rigs drilling for oil and gas across the United

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Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Refineries have coped by switching to gasoline production as far as possible and ramping up diesel exports to the rest of the western hemisphere. Refineries have exported surplus distillate to Central and South America, where local refineries have proved unable to meet strongly growing demand. Diesel demand has remained depressed even as gasoline consumption has passed the previous peak set back in 2007.Power producers are also expected to run coal fired units for more hours in 2017 and burn more coal thanks to the rise in gas prices, which will give an extra boost Canada Goose Sale to rail movements.In the first six weeks of 2017, the number of rail cars loaded with coal increased by 15 percent compared with the same period in 2016, according to the Association of American Railroads.The sustained recovery in oil and gas drilling evident since the middle of 2016 will also drive an increase in diesel demand in 2017.Most drilling rigs an canada goose sale pressure pumping systems use diesel electric motors and rely on diesel generators for all their auxiliary power needs.And the movement of equipment and supplies to drill sites, including deliveries of fracking sand and water, is a significant source of freight demand.The number of rigs drilling for oil and gas across the United States has risen by more than 330 (80 percent) since the end of May 2016. Cheap Canada Goose Jackets

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