Then he declares he’s going to do the same to Gohan

A genius human hacker, Oswin Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman), has been stuck on the crash landed ship for a year. This is a bit of a surprise for the audience, since Steven Moffat had stated that she wouldn’t be appearing until Christmas then again, the Doctor tells the Daleks “it’s Christmas!”, so that’s all right then. She’s been keeping busy by making souffl and playing Carmen at high volume to keep out the nightmarish Dalek voices. She’s almost impossibly successful in warding off the renegade Daleks: being the best hacker the world has ever known, she effortlessly destroyed the Daleks’ security system and kept them away from her base. But the rest of her crew were killed in the crash, and as they’re horrified to find out turned into humanoid Dalek zombies by the Asylum’s automated system.

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