Thiel says the culture wars are distracting Americans from

Jensen, the other vocalist/percussionist in Rumelia, studied many instruments as a youngster. “I got into Balkan and Middle Eastern music while studying at the College of Santa Fe and was instantly hooked by the unique sound. I love folk music all around; the basic humanness of the topics love, life, loss resonate with me on a deep level.”.

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And that declaration is winning Thiel loud cheers at the Republican convention. The PayPal co founder is the first person to give a GOP convention speech and acknowledge being gay. Thiel says the culture wars are distracting Americans from important economic issues.

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We were ready for to accept a black president, that we not wowed by that, that that not all we talking about to me, that mostly an indication of how much George W. Bush f up, said Bell, a genial, tall 36 year old who has lived in San Francisco for the past 12 years. The comedian also has his criticism of Obama: feel he so smooth, too smooth.

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It been awhile since we posted an entry here. Glad we could still remember the password to our dusty old blog. The band has been hitting a lot of new highs in our recent practice sessions; we got a lot of new tunes after a bit of a work induced hiatus.

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