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Just move in . Need Advice. It a basement apartment, but it has little patio area outside that was dug out. The apartment isn a slum or canada goose clearance anything, it was recently renovated and has all the normal amenities. It on the basement of a cheap Canada Goose apartment complex, and other people live in other basement canada goose uk black friday rooms. The cheap canada goose uk owner of the apartment, and her realtor, just purchased the apartment last week. That Friday we canada goose uk shop signed the lease with her and Saturday we moved in.

Our first warning was the owner husband texted us Canada Goose Outlet as we were moving in saying that we need to tell anyone who asks we don live here. Big Canada Goose sale red flags for us, so we decided we are just going to move all of our stuff first, and then start looking for a new place. So we crashed there Saturday Canada Goose online and finished moving our stuff in from our old place that Sunday, as we had our subleaser moving into uk canada goose outlet that place that Sunday night. We just canada goose store needed to get all of our stuff into this basement apartment and then figure everything out.

That Sunday night / Monday morning the apartment completely flooded with the heavy rain we received that night. 2 inches of water on the floor of the entire apartment. We call the owner and she calls the super. He arrives first, and tells us he doesn know why she let us move in because it has been flooding for awhile and that the Realtor working for her new this. uk canada goose Then the owner, the canada goose outleta super, and the Realtor all come and start fighting in Mandarin while their lackeys pump our water out. The owner of the apartment and the realtor repeatedly promise us canada goose black friday sale orally while we are working to get the water out that they will give us our months rent back and give us a another months on top of that and that we need buy canada goose jacket to move asap so they can fix the apartment.

After 2 days of back and forth we figure out what happened. The super and the Realtor are related and both new about the apartment. The previous owner tried repeatedly to fix the flooding issue but gave up. The Realtor sold canada goose the apartment to the new owner, and didn disclose it had flooding issues.

Now, everytime we talked both the owner and the Realtor, they keep lowering what they owe us to which now it just down to refunded the original Canada Goose Online 1 months rent we payed them. We want as much money as possible, at least to cover the cost of new movers and a good chunk of change to cover another deposit on a new apartment since we are trying to get out asap. Any advice on how we should approach this situation? Any help appreciated.

January 6, 2014 by

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