When our children and our most vulnerable citizens are

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canada goose uk black friday In 1997, Talbott noticed a dark spot under her left eye. “I thought it was mascara, but it grew to the size of a raisin and started to bleed” after about six weeks. Her doctor said it was melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer. When our children and our most vulnerable citizens are “helped” by these churches, some of which are money making businesses, we need real transparency. Before our community leaders offer any kind of support for their “fabulous programs,” we should be able to find out their history their beliefs, practices, their leaders, where they get their money, if they have practiced intolerance, abuse, or discrimination, how they proselytize, and how will they account for our support. People of all faiths or no faith need to be as vigilant about freedom from religion as they are about freedom of religion.This letter was published online only. canada goose uk black friday

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