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Welcome to this portal of life-changing resources that can provide you with an amazing selection of services, tools and opportunities for healing and consciousness expansion on your path to Self-Realization and Ascension for yourself, humanity and Mother Earth. Together these gifts of Spirit form an Ascension Toolkit that will raise your vibration and empower you on your spiritual journey. Through Heart-to-Heart Channelings with Master Merlin and the Spiritual Hierarchy, Healing Sessions, Workshops, Initiations and Teachings, you can receive and experience energies and infusions of higher consciousness to align with your Higher Self.  Through my Archive of written work available here, and my book, Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness, you can continue to explore the wisdom of the Higher Realms. I also invite you to visit Egypt and other locations with me for extraordinary life-changing experiences. where, as Ascension Energy Anchors, we will discover more of who we are and why we have incarnated at this time.  Sign up for my FREE newsletter below for news and monthly updates. I am here to be of service, so do reach out! It’s All About You and for you.

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HEART-to-HEART Channeling & Healing Sessions

Schedule your own private channeling and healing session with Master Merlin. Merlin and I are One; I work closely with him, holding Merlinian energies, working with, inter alia, the Universal Merlinian Council of Light and other Ascended Beings within the Universe. His wisdom, loving presence, energies and kind guidance are a blessing. Be prepared with your questions and to receive an infusion of energies as well.

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MERLIN AND THE NEW CAMELOT: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness

By: Alison L. James

“In 2013, my spiritual quest was enriched with the timeless book of MERLIN and THE NEW CAMELOT.  Embracing The Divine Plan for Humanity, this tapestry includes an extraordinary book, an enchanting CD and a hard-copy purchase heartfelt channel from gifted author Alison L. James.  Unleashing the depths of legendary wisdom, this ocean of consciousness collection inspires my aspiration to self-mastery and reverence for Mother Earth. I am grateful for the treasures of the sacred mysteries, symbols, affirmations, meditations and the expansion keys to open my heart.  It truly is a magical experience of truth and love that has renewed my faith in the future of our shared new world.” ~ With Gratitude, SDC, CA.

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“Alison James is a Merlin devotee … coming from England with a great connection to Glastonbury, she speaks and has the accent too. Her insights to the life of Merlin and his lineage are well researched and the teachings enlightening. Her own knowledge of healing modalities like the Rising Star and crystals is a sign of interest in all things magical.  Opening this book is like seeing behind Merlin’s blue star and planet printed robe.” ~ Derek O’Neill, Teacher, Author, and Motivational Speaker



Merlin and Alison: A Message of Hope (Corona Virus)

April 19, 2020

Namaste Beloved Souls,

A worldwide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus is making its way around the planet and has so far collected over a million souls to return to Source. As with all things on Earth, there is always a metaphysical (or higher) understanding for what is in the physical: “As Above, So Below”.

Let me explain. What this virus actually does is destroy certain cells in the lungs that govern the expansion and contraction of the alveoli and their surrounding cells in the lungs. These expansions and contractions facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that facilitate the Breath of Life. The virus infects the cells and they harden, losing their flexibility and thus preventing the power of breath to do its job in the body.

In between the lungs, in the very center of your body, lies the heart. The heart is the pumping distributor of life force in the body. It pumps about 115,000 times in one day, or 42 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 3 billion times, pumping an amount of blood that equals about 1 million barrels. Your body has been programmed with this capability. You have been given such a miraculous heart that lies in the center of your being, nestled in between your lungs.

From the universal greatness of the macro down to the cellular micro of your being, the substance of your heart receives, holds and emits the life force energy of Source and the energy of Love. Within and surrounding the heart lies the Three-fold Flame, an energetic flame of Love, Power and Wisdom. It may be fanned into action by the focused expression of your loving thoughts and actions and by your experiences. When we talk about keeping the heart open, we are not only talking about its physical component, we are saying that we want to maintain its ability to function on an energetic level: to receive, hold and emit its own energies of Love, Power and Wisdom. These emanations of Love and Consciousness can override disease, discomfort and imbalances of all kinds in the body, perhaps even death, and we can direct them.

Thus, at this time of great challenge and stress, it is important to allow the Love of the Divine to fill the heart and the body and to fan the Flame that keeps us connected to All There Is. If you have been taught how to meditate and practice certain mantras and visioning, you can expand the energy of your heart to pour Love through your lungs, your entire body and your energetic system that envelops you and then out into the world.

Yes, Beloved Souls, with your heartfelt intention to heal yourselves and help others, you can create and manifest the Healing Love for the benefit of All from your body. This is the Magic for which you have been born and may intensify for yourselves. In a moment of quietness, feel the radiations of Love of your own heart and have faith that they will generate what you and others have need of at this time — be proactive for yourself and humanity. Discard any feelings or thoughts of being helpless or hopeless. Quieten the egotistical mind of its fearful imaginings and know that you are Love. You have the Gift of Love within you to effect change on a grand scale! Be the change that you wish to see in the world. This is the Magic that needs to be utilized in the world now and for which the world awaits. You are a gift to the world beyond measure. As Jesus said, “Love ye one another as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”.

In Love and Light,
Alison and Merlin as One



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