Alchemy of Copper, Silver and Gold.

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

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With so much change and transformation happening in our lives, and in light of Merlin’s Wisdom in my book, I am sharing here some insights on Alchemy and the three elements of copper, silver and gold.

Historically speaking, Alchemy was the method sought to turn base metals into gold. From a spiritual perspective, Alchemy, as Merlin, St. Germain and the Masters have taught us, is the transmutation of the elements of our being. Metaphysically speaking, gold is the soul, silver the body and copper the voice. We associate gold with the sun and masculine energies, silver with the moon and feminine energies and copper with the sunset. Copper dioxide, or cuprite, is used for accelerating healing of the root chakra, is associated with feminine energies and may be used to evoke kundalini energy.

I recall a fairy tale from my childhood of three princesses who were of great value; they had long hair of copper, silver and gold respectively.  Their suitors had to be worthy of them. So it is today, copper, silver and gold remain elements of great value.  Milestone wedding anniversaries are measured  by copper (7 years), silver (25 years) and gold (50 years). In history, our coinage has been made of these three metals.

Besides their commodity value, these metals each have tremendous healing properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, water stored and then drunk from a copper vessel is therapeutic, from silver is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal and gold was drunk by the Ancient Egyptians to raise consciousness, IQ and for relaxation of body and mind.  Copper is a micro-nutrient needed for red blood cell synthesis, RNA metabolism, enzyme activity, the hair, skin color and nerve health.  Until the 20th century, silver was used to accelerate healing and ward off infections. Silver is a great conductor of energy, but due to price, copper has been associated with this function. Gold can increase IQ, treat muscle and joint conditions and assist with brain disorders and consciousness expansion.

We associate gold with the highest of energies and celestial vibrations, and with the golden light of Christ Consciousness. The purity of gold symbolizes man’s goal to obtain perfection in mind and spirit for ascension to Source. The symbols you may work with in my book are all depicted in gold.

Blessings, Love and Golden Light to You,
Alison and Merlin

August, 2011.