Are you a Crystal Skull Skeptic?

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Are you a crystal skull skeptic or a reborn afficionado? Perhaps you are mildly curious and are open to hear more.  To some, crystal skulls appear to be a source of mystical idolatry.  In 2010, “Indiana Jones”  popularized the Legend … Read More

BUCK: An Inspiring Film for All of Us

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Please do not “buck” the opportunity to see this inspiring documentary about the life of the man Buck who is now transforming the lives of horse-owners and their horses across America.  A child victim to his father’s abuse, Buck and … Read More

Lady Venus Speaks

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I am the One that upholds Love and Peace for my Beloved Sanat Kumara as he travels throughout Time and No Time to help humanity upon Planet Earth.  Have you  forgotten that you have been loved and supported in all your … Read More