The Nativity Scene and the Animals

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When we revisit the Nativity scene of Jesus the Christ in celebration of his birth in Jerusalem, we are reminded that he, the Avatar of Love, was born into a life of humble beginnings and simplicity.  His birthplace, the stable, … Read More

I AM a Star

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Some years ago, while attending a channeling session in New York, Brightstar, a spiritual guide and gatekeeper for trance channel Alex Murray, came through to teach us the verse below. It bears repeating until it is memorized and part of … Read More


Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

These two beautiful crystals are often found growing side by side.  While their structure and coloration are different, they work synergistically for a shared purpose. Dark or electric blue Azurite, the Stone of Heaven, appears to have its layers deeply … Read More

Achilles and Chiron: Healing Old Wounds

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Post the 11:11:11 stargate opening and acceleration point, has an old issue or ingrained patterning resurfaced causing you discomfort of some kind?  Is something tripping you up and preventing your forward motion? What we refer to as an “Achilles’ heel” … Read More