Hathor Speaks

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This channeling is extracted from my article entitled “Goddess Hathor”: “I am Hathor, Goddess of fertility, power and beauty for women.  I have been known in many guises, but most of all I wish to be petitioned by those who … Read More

Isis Speaks

Alison JamesMessages of Light

This channeling is extracted from my article about “The Divine Feminine in Egypt; Mother Isis”: “I AM Isis, the Goddess of myriad forms of Light within the Universe.  Do not think of me as ‘out of reach’ or ‘lost in … Read More

The Divine Feminine in Egypt: Mother Isis

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At the time of our group pilgrimage to Egypt (February 2012), the rising up of women in Egypt to establish their right to vote was more than a coincidence; it was a synchronicity.  The Egyptian Gazette that I read on … Read More

Coptic Cairo and the Hermes Trimegistos Link

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The Copts are the native Egyptian Christians who were the majority religion during the 4th to 6th centuries of the Common Era. The Coptic Church separated from the Roman Church in the late 4th century, but the Copts were not … Read More

The Great Sphinx

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“And the first beast was like a lion, …”  ~ Revelation 4:7  The Great Egyptian Sphinx is a lasting testament to man’s affinity with the feline species. With the body, tail and forelegs of a lion and a kingly human … Read More


Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

This crystal carries, as its name suggests, the ray emanation of the sun.  The name Heliodor is derived from “helios”, Greek for the “sun”, and “doron” Greek meaning “gift”, hence a “gift of the sun”.  It is a variety of … Read More

Sunnyside Up!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Beloveds, There must be no doubt in your mind, in your body or in your soul, that this is a splendid time to be alive on planet Earth!  The Sun is pouring forth light, blessings and favor upon you. No more need you … Read More