The Uniqueness of You

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There is no-one in the world quite like you. The Creator does not make duplicates! You are uniquely crafted into the package of your personality, your looks, your gifts and talents, and the soul that is you. You are special! … Read More

Time for Transition

Alison JamesAnnouncements is getting a face-lift! This is to make her more user-friendly, efficient and to encompass new and expanded services becoming available to you.  Please allow for a period of changeover and updates as they come forth. I am happy to … Read More


Alison JamesArticles

Compassion is a most essential attribute necessary for our collective transition into the new paradigm. Compassion is ever more necessary for the evolution of humanity and is, therefore, a quality that we need to cultivate within our being. One dictionary’s … Read More


Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Soothing the heart, calming the emotions and dissipating anxiety, these are the admirable metaphysical attributes of Lepidolite.  It is a perfect crystal to use in these turbulent times.  High in lithium content, Lepidolite has an irridescence that glimmers through its lilac, … Read More