Words (Movie Review)

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A spoken word may conjure up a feeling, an image, a memory, a person, a scent, a taste, or a string of consciousness. Words the movie, and the story on which it is based, conjures up a life (or two … Read More

St. Germain on Ascension Alchemy

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The following is an excerpt from article Activate Ascension Alchemy. St. Germain says: “Dear Lightworkers, Be encouraged at this time to step deeply into the recesses of your hearts to root out what has laid ignored and labeled of lesser … Read More

Activate Ascension Alchemy

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Master St. Germain in his channelings recorded in Saint Germain on Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet refers to “alchemy” as the “all chemistry of God”. From a human standpoint, this might be erroneously interpreted to mean solely the alchemical changes … Read More

Scared or Sacred?

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During this time of increased high vibrational energies coming to Mother Earth, has a personal issue or situation arisen that is causing you some consternation? Has an energy or awareness arisen in you that is sending you into fear (false … Read More