Preseli Bluestones

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

All stones have a weight, a density and an energy field that one can tune into when you pick them up and the Bluestones of the Preseli Mountains in Wales, England, speak. When I hold the hand-sized chunks that I … Read More

Lauren Galy Interviews Alison James

Alison JamesAlisons Commentary

In this interview with Lauren Galey of Healing Conversations, Alison L. James channels live Merlin’s “down-to-earth” perspective prior to the Grand Alignment and Shift of the Ages. Discover for yourself how real and realistic he is in his advice to … Read More

Merlin’s Message for 2013

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Beloveds, Congratulations! This is your destiny and this is your time. This is the fulfillment of many, many lifetimes spent on Planet Earth for you to become and be who you really are, to realize that you are incarnated here … Read More