A Collision Course or Date with Destiny?

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well and enjoying this much awaited Spring weather. While we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic in our lives, the vaccines have slowed the spread and added some protection. At the same time, social unrest and grass root movements for changes of all kinds have erupted around the world and the human collective is moving towards a new trajectory. We have been activated. Like the planets and galaxies in our Universe, our individual worlds are being rearranged, all in accordance with the Divine Plan.

Astronomers and scientists have calculated that our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, but not for another 4.5 billion years, an albeit far-off prediction for our future. Similarly, geologists now believe that it was a meteor colliding with the Earth that wiped out the dinosaurs leaving their remains in rocks and sediments discovered by us today. We could easily take the position that a catastrophic outcome for life on Earth will happen to us 4.5 billion years from now as our solar system and the planets are changed and rearranged. Yet this very week a fireball was spotted over Florida and it exploded in the sky before reaching the Earth. If we believe in the Divine Plan, a way is always made for us to continue our lives. We are provided signs and wonders. The meeting of opposing forces, like the fertilization of an egg, provides a seed for a new outcome, perhaps an even better outcome than anticipated.

And so it is in our personal world and in our daily lives. Do we anticipate that we are on a deadly collision course with outer circumstances, or can we ameliorate our outcome by being prepared to meet our future with love, compassion and acceptance, understanding that there is purpose in everything? I believe so. A tall order perhaps, but our present day circumstances are changing rapidly and we are learning to better adjust and deal with the unexpected in these times. I recall my mother saying “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday”. In other words, worrying won’t change the outcome — except perhaps to make it worse! Better to focus on the positive.

Maintaining our balance with love, harmony and peace, to the best of our ability, is key to moving through change or adversity. As the Buddha said, follow the middle way, avoid extremes. Being present and calm, receptive and caring, loving and giving (the aspects of your feminine essence), are critical in times of change. We need to apply these principles on a daily basis to Gaia and Mother Nature and heal our relationship with the biosphere, i.e. all the kingdoms of the Earth, upon, below and above. Instead of thinking negatively about change, if we can approach situations in terms of merging and balancing, or put another way, cooperating for mutual benefit, smoother change and benefit for all will be facilitated.

In astrology, when we consider the effects of the planets upon our lives, we think of expansive Jupiter as the Greater Benefic and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the Lesser Benefic, although all the planets have a positive effect upon us, no matter what our perspective of their effect is. Without our input or say-so, the Divine Plan keeps us growing and evolving continually through all manner of change. If we could but learn “to expect the unexpected”, we would be less phased and reactionary in the face of all our challenges. A “collision course with destiny” can become instead a “date with destiny”, you decide. Avoidance of facing certain circumstances will likely become a collision at a future time.

Therefore, let us acknowledge the loving, motherly presence of the Divine Feminine, the feminine aspect of the godhead within, who guides us towards Divine Love and teaches men and women alike that we are loved. There is no need to force an outcome. Divine Love is true power. With Love, let us learn to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and to bring healing to and a shining future upon the planet. As children of Mother/Father God, we are all loved and cherished eternally.